Jack O'Rourke – Watercolor - Oil Pastels - Print Making

Flute Dancer

Seve with Aliziran

Eagle Dancer

Jack O'Rourke lives and paints on the northern California coast. An MFA graduate of Vermont College, he works chiefly in watercolor, and also does work in charcoal, soft pastels, and oil pastels. Jack’s technique and style are influenced by artists Alex Powers, Don Andrews, and Charles Reid in figurative work, and owe much to early sixties’ plain air workshops with Bill Zacha of Mendocino. Printmaking is another of his favorite art forms, using his own art press, and the carved relief blocks or intaglio processes.

The nude figure is a favorite subject, mostly done in realism, but occasionally done whimsically as pop art or manga art. Other work includes the plein air, rugged coastline vistas found near his home close to Manchester Beach and the sand dunes.

He occasionally revisits in paintings some of the scenes etched in memory from work and travels abroad as a civil engineer. His paintings have earned awards at a number of exhibits, and appear in discerning private collections.

“I love painting people, finding the telling expression of who they are, today, right now, in what is written in their face, and in the sinuous flow of their body lines, and the bold or subdued musculature they present to an artist. The human figure can be the most compelling and beautiful form that nature has conceived and entrusted to us for our nurture and individual expression.”

All vases are hand blown, made in America one of a kind, artwork individually drawn and sandblasted, then signed by Cynthia.

Contact Information:
Jack O'Rourke
PO Box 335
Manchester, CA 95450

Email: orourke@mcn.org
Website: coast-highway-artists.com/Jack_orourke
Phone: 707-479-4265

Jack in Studio
Point Arena Light House