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As the Viking behind Viking Pottery, I draw on Asian influences as well as my Nordic heritage to create distinctive porcelain, stoneware and raku works that are both artistic and practical, and feature the unique and colorful glazes that have become my trademark.

For over 40 years I have honed my skills in a complicated process that produces individually handcrafted pieces thrown on a potter's wheel or made from rolled slabs of clay. Pieces are fired first in a low temperature bisque kiln, then glazed, often in multiple layers, before being fired to 2400 degrees in a reduction atmosphere, which results in a permanent glazed surface and a vitrified finished product. I studied chemistry in college, and from that basis have created my own glazes, experimenting over the years with hundreds of glaze formulas, using only non-toxic materials. I've chosen those I feel bring soul to the surface of the finished objects.

My fascination with making functional ceramics has always been about the intimate experience of pottery use in everyday activities, along with being admired for its beauty. Functional pottery provides that intimate experience as the user explores its balance in the hand, its texture, and color. With drinking vessels, one explores even with their lips. I've also long been fascinated with language symbols, partly as a result of spending rainy days in the Fine Arts museums of San Francisco as a child, and incorporate these into some of my designs.

I work from my studio in Santa Rosa and am also at home with my wife in Gualala.

Contact Information:
Harald Nordvold
PO Box 1033
Gualala, CA 95445

Email: vikingpottery1@earthlink.net
Website: www.vikingpottery.net
Phone: 707-387-2216 / 707-544-8325

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