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Heart Totem

Goddess 3

“Pursue some path however crooked or narrow in which you can walk in love and reverence.” - David Thoreau

“This world is but a canvas for our imagination.” - David Thoreau

I take these quotes quite literally! Each morning, throughout the year, as the seasons change, I have the privilege of taking the time to walk with a friend’s beautiful dog and one or two other friends. We walk in different areas, sometimes at the Sonoma County Park, the Salal Trail on The Sea Ranch, sometimes in the forest above the Sea Ranch Dog Park.

Often when we’re engaged in conversation the walk is just that, most other times when observing and seeing, a totally different experience emerges, one where there appears to be no separation between nature and ourselves: The light that pierces the leaves and the lichen on the trees, the dark water in the vernal pools above which the leaves and ferns dance in the sunlight. On foggy mornings the ocean meets the horizon with bare separation, the sun makes a splash of color on an otherwise grayed palette on the water, or maybe a breathtaking rainbow appears in a light mist.

While a passenger in the car one lightly misting day I happened to look out of the window and along the edge of Highway 1 for about half a mile there was a rainbow lighting up the verge. Really extraordinary!

Each day brings treasured memories, that become a part of my creative dialogue. Whether creating ceramics or paintings, I feel the urge to express myself though nature and its wonders. For me this coast is an inspirational and heavenly retreat where I find myself in an awed and grateful meditation, unencumbered by the world’s travails for an hour or two.

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