l Donnalynn Chase - Mixed Media Collage, Assemblages

Donnalynn Chase – Mixed Media Collage, Assemblages

Second Chance

Wisdom Being XV

Jinny and Moody

Sometimes I think I should focus on one method or subject or medium… yet I so enjoy the process of spontaneity, of discovery, of creativity. Why limit myself to a specific technique? Also my inspirations and moods are not static, so my art making takes on different forms of expression. Though if I reflect on what all my art has in common, they all have some form of collage imbued in them. And – of course - since I love all things paper, this does not surprise me.

I have always been a collector of things my whole life. Postcards and stamps were childhood hobbies and I still tear stamps off envelopes before I throw them away. I have dozens of scrapbooks of letters from people that span my entire life, from my baby announcements (saved by my mother) to this year’s birthday cards. Yet books are my true love, and the older they are, the stronger my attraction is to them. My reverence for books, photographs, and correspondence is also deepening as technology seems to be making paper obsolete.

Collage came to me naturally through my obsession with collecting books and all kinds of ephemera. I love to discover new ways to incorporate “stuff” into projects, be it by sewing, pasting, or painting. Collage truly is my favorite way of creating as it easily yields to my intuition and playfulness. Nowhere else in art-making does synchronicity and intention have such impact as when they diverge and integrate in the making of collage. My current passion is using vintage images with mixed media and subtle juxtaposition.

I look forward to your inquiries. You can contact me at dl@donnalynnchase.com or 408-674-5956. My art is displayed in Gualala’s Discovery Gallery and Dolphin Gallery.

Contact Information:
Donnalynn Chase
PO Box 483
Gualala, CA 95445

Email: dl@donnalynnchase.com
Phone: 408-674-5956 / 707-785-2541
Website: www.donnalynnchase.com


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