Donnalynn Chase – Mixed Media Collage

Journey 22


Wingnut is Born

I love all things paper and have been a collector all my life of things I love. My reverence for books, photographs, and correspondence, such as post cards, has deepened as technology seems to be making paper obsolete. Collage came to me naturally through my obsession with collecting books. My current passion is working with vintage images in mixed media collage.

When I realize that I am drawn to a body of specific images, often times with recurring icons, I feel that I must respond and engage in the creative process. As a self-taught artist, I trust the creative process. In fact, I am devoted to the creative process. It demands that I be mindful, authentic and fully engaged in exchange for an enriched experience, a sense of wholeness, and contentment with myself and my art.

After more than a decade of facilitating soul expression workshops and coaching on the creative process, I am still surprised at how art-making reveals metaphorical insights and spiritual wisdom. Something always happens within me whenever I engage in creative expression; something shifts, is healed or transformed. I feel each piece or completed series is directly related to my previous body of artwork and to my life.

Retired from teaching and coaching on the creative process in the Bay Area and moving to The Sea Ranch has allowed me to indulge in my passion. I am thrilled to be sharing my art in the Studio Discovery Tour. .

Contact Information:
Donnalynn Chase
PO Box 483
Gualala, CA 95445

Phone: 408-674-5956 / 707-785-2541

Donnalynn Chase