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The forest around me and the ocean nearby nourish my soul, the reason I am here making art on the coast. I draw in charcoal and pastel, and paint mostly in acrylic, experimenting with different media in both abstract and realistic styles. Drawing the human figure presents the challenge of not only rendering the form believably but also conveying some sense of the life or spirit within. I'm drawn to the subject for its organic lines and forms, the myriad unique variations of individual bodies, and for the challenge of depicting the form believably. For me the most satisfying drawings communicate an element of mood, suggested by the model or pose, or by the subjective interaction between the artist and the work as it develops.

My abstract acrylic paintings are an expression of energy- the energies and forces of nature, perhaps touched by mood or feeling, within the landscape and/or within myself. I strive to depict that which cannot be expressed with words- the internal and external forces that characterize our relationship with the larger universe.

My home and studio in Gualala are a long way from upstate New York, where I started my journey, graduated from Elmira College, and began my first career, in graphic design. Seeking a different kind of satisfaction, I later entered the field of special education and worked as a teacher for more than 20 years before retiring to pursue artistic ventures. My art has earned awards at Elmira College, the Schenectady (NY) Art Society, Art in the Redwoods, and has been shown in the various locations where I lived before finding my way to the beautiful north coast.

Contact Information:
CC Case
PO Box 1033
Gualala, CA 95445

Phone: 707-884-9039 / 707-339-2324

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